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for A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah Thought Provoking. A riveting read! I can't remember the last time I stayed awake until 2 a.m. reading a book. I couldn't put it down. Well written on all levels. Relates to life, not just for those of the Jewish faith. A must read for everyone. Thank you Mary E. Carter. —Sharon Baker This is by far one of the most enlightening books I have read about a life metamorphosis. Your personal feelings as you traveled the road to Judaism touched me. I am a Jew by birth-right, you are a Jew by desire and determination. The story of your life and the building blocks or stepping stones is a road map on how to set goals and achieve results. Most of us take some things for granted, like swimming. Some of us look at obstacles, even small ones as insurmountable. Your drive and determination to overcome that hurdle is not only admirable but courageous. I applaud your success. There is a message here: You don't have to be Jewish to appreciate the journey, you do have to be passionate about your goal. —S. Gilbert What a wonderful book! Elegantly written. Elegantly written, designed and produced. The essays are beautiful, informative, educational and the writing is smart and active and beautifully wrought — a words craftsperson at her best. Read it if you are thinking about converting (but don't ever use that word!) and read it if you a Jewish-curious, grew up in the past 50 years, like a book that gets to the point and the points are good and sharp, thought-provoking and, for a final word: this book is poignant in every best sense of the word. Order several: you'll want to send them to friends. —Dr. Bill Beautifully and thoughtfully written. This is a book for anyone who has ever examined his or her life and thought of making changes. Beautifully and thoughtfully written, it speaks to all of us. You will be drawn in immediately by its candor and once your toe is in the water you will be engulfed by its warmth and swim easily and comfortably to the last page. Highly recommended. —Esther Grand Treat yourself and all your enlightened friends. A warm, engaging memoir written by a woman who would be my best friend if ever I got to meet her. An instant connection. Stories shared with grace and humor, honesty and love. A must read by women who "get it", and men who'd like to. Share Ms.Carter's personal journey. It will be a trip you'll never forget. —Judy Everts With great directness and wry humor this book was moving and revelatory. With great directness and wry humor, the author shares her experience, including the vulnerabilities, the contradictions, and the unsolveds. The final chapters, especially, took my breath away. A friend who's very open about not having been born Jewish (her husband was), always looks a little uncomfortable when someone refers to her as a "convert". Now that I've read this honest, unflinching, and practical book, I have some insight into why. Conversion is a transitory process, not a permanent state. Thank you for that, Mary/Miriam. —Revalani Very good. A delightfully written account of how change in middle life can be very, very good. Authored by a brave and curious woman who suffers no fools and follows her own path. —Dawn Singh A beautifully woven essay on life. A beautifully woven essay on life, and the changes we consider making when we have acquired a mature sense of wisdom. Thoughtful, insightful, tender, sad, joyous - just a lovely commentary! —Deborah Book Review by Oli Robbins from the Sandoval Signpost February 2015.
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