A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah On Becoming Jewish After Fifty – Essays “This book is superb. To my knowledge it is without peer in style or approach.” Rabbi Paul Citrin “Mary E. Carter takes readers on an intimate journey on her path to choosing Judaism. Its guideposts are openness and honesty. Her elegant prose is interwoven with Jewish vocabulary and idiom which flow with authenticity. Her reflections, while personal, convey universal messages. Her story presents applied Judaism with encouragement for those in process of adopting Judaism as well as for Jews who seek renewal.” Rabbi Paul J. Citrin Taos Jewish Center, Taos, NM “Who knew a book about becoming Jewish could be so engaging? Carter’s talent as a visual artist shows from cover to content. Vignettes, snapshots, and episodes converge in a kaleidoscopic rendering of her journey to Judaism. . . a refreshing and unique approach to the discussion of conversion.” Rabbi Deborah J. Brin Congregation Nahalat Shalom, Albuquerque, NM “Carter presents her story in sensitive terms that are accessible to all. Those who are considering a life as a Jew will gain insight and understanding into making the process most meaningful. Those who were born Jewish will gain insight and understanding into the process of those who choose Judaism as adults.” Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld Congregation Albert, Albuquerque, NM "This is more than a book. It is a journey. The lyrical prose and evocative descriptions catapult the reader into a different place, and in many cases, time. In the end, I felt as if I emerged from the waters of the mikvah along with the author. This book should be on every Jewish bookshelf!" Tammy Kaiser MSJE, Jewish Educator and Author “A deeply insightful, wonderfully written, in all ways excellent read!” Marc Yellin AbqJew.com Book Review by Oli Robbins from the Sandoval Signpost February 2015. A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah On Becoming Jewish After Fifty – Essays Author Mary E. Carter became Jewish after age fifty. This is her story. It’s a story about creating a new life and making changes as an older adult. More than a how-to book, Carter takes the reader through her process of self- reflection and growth and provides insights into her family and cultural influences. She discusses: finding rabbis, attending classes, studying, making a Hebrew name, and the commitment at the mikvah. This is a book for anyone thinking about becoming Jewish as an adult. It is also a book for anyone considering any form of major change after age fifty. Carter demonstrates that it is possible for an older person to continue growing and changing later in life. This is not to say that everyone can or will, but, certainly, anyone can try. L’Chaim!
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