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The Three-Day Departure of Mrs. Annette Zinn A Novel — Finalist 4 categories 2019 New Mexico - Arizona Book Awards Winner: Best Religious Book
he Three-Day Departure of Mrs. Annette ZinnMary E. Carter considers the departure from the long life of Mrs. Annette Zinn. At ninety-five, it is unlikely that she has done anything other than to yield, then to slip, into the world to come. But is that all there is? Mrs. Zinn is about to discover that her soul is reluctant to leave her body. Then, as the adage goes, she sees her whole life pass before her eyes. With this gift of insight, she has three days to review her life and its events and its friendships. In the process, she is given particular insight into things that were both hidden and forgotten during her lifetime. May her memory be for a blessing. An early review of The Three-Day Departure of Mrs. Annette Zinn observes: “I always look forward to getting to know Mary E. Carter’s characters. The Jews, and the righteous non-Jews as well, have a pintele yid: a spark of Jewishness that helps them navigate this complex world with sensitivity. I enjoyed the exploration of the soul hovering for three days and was intrigued with the idea that it might remember details of events that were forgotten or hidden during its time in this world. During her three-day departure, Mrs. Annette Zinn discovers that her memories have the potential to serve as a blessing.” —Rabbi Jack Shlachter, HaMakom, Santa Fe, New Mexico BOOK OF THE WEEK REVIEW ABQ Journal - By David Steinberg Click here to read REAL PEOPLE BOOK REVIEW - SANDOVAL SIGNPOST - By Bill Diven Click here to read Paperback: 227 pages ISBN-13: 978-0578521930 $15.00 Available from Amazon or by consignment
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