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A Death Delayed Agent Orange: Hidden Killer of Vietnam
Hospice. This is where the last battles of nations are fought. Futile battles. Stupid skirmishes. This is the meeting place for a hopeless and perverse truce between good and evil. It is the place where nuns do good work to provide ‘last aid’ for soldiers who are dying from the evil of warfare. Danny lies dying here in this place, dying as surely as if he had stopped a bullet in Vietnam in 1968. Of the many enemies hidden in those jungles, Agent Orange was perhaps the most insidious. It hid within the very bodies of soldiers who returned home from those jungles without apparent wounds. You might as well have ordered his body bag in ’68. Kept it in a trunk. FINALIST 2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards $5.50 ISBN 978-0-692-91384-0 Paperback 26 pages Published by Tovah Miriam Gershom Available 2018 from Ingram or from
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